ELAG Registration Form

Every year since 2005 we have been organizing the Latin American School of Human and Medical Genetics - ELAG.

This course provides a review and an update about applications of genetics to health sciences, and it is aimed to young health care professionals and health science graduate students and postdocs.

This year the XVI Course will be held from March 29 to April 4, 2020, at the traditional venue of Sky Samuara Hotel, Caxias do Sul (122 km from Porto Alegre airport).

We are selecting students who will be awarded a partial fellowship to attend the course. Selected students should  pay a contribution of US$ 400 (in addition to their travel expenses to Porto Alegre). All other costs with transfer from airport, hotel, meals and registration will be covered with the fellowship.

Before you start filling your application form, there are a few things you should know about ELAG:

1. ELAG is a high-level course on human and medical genetics, with classes and discussions mainly in English.

2. ELAG is an intensive course and you must attend it from Sunday to Saturday, no exceptions made.

3. ELAG takes place in a hotel and students share the rooms with other students, again no exceptions made.

How did you know about ELAG*? (choose all that apply)

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